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Alicia giving a reading at Five Sisters in South Miami, where she regularly gives workshops, sacred circles, oracle card readings and other events. Check Five Sisters site for upcoming events with Alicia: fivesisters.co

Alicia is a top professional in the Holistic field of healing using diverse techniques and modalities. She is admired by many peers in this field and is dedicated to helping people with their spiritual journeys, relationships and health issues. Alicia has a pure heart and many say that she was sent here by the Angels to help people spiritually, emotionally and intellectually. She is well known for giving undivided attention and quality readings.

Alicia understands people who have problems with letting go of toxic relationships and excess baggage. She always has the client’s best interest at heart and is not satisfied until each and every client has become a spiritual success. Alicia is trustworthy and will never violate the Healer/Client relationship. This relationship happens very quickly and confidentiality is always a top priority.

Alicia is a gifted Holistic healer and Reiki Master living in Miami, Florida. The definition of Reiki is “Universal Life Force Energy”. She uses this healing technique as an essential part of the client’s spiritual health and overall well-being.

In 2010, Alicia became an Ordained Minister. She helps people with letting go of trauma, wounds, scars and pains. She helps people discover their true meaning in life through the use of hypnosis, angel card readings, and guided meditation.

In 2011, Alicia became a “Certified Astral Travel Guide“ receiving schooling from Master Healer, Deborah King. By learning to travel through the astral planes, you may experience an increase in personal development and psychic abilities, sleep more deeply and find meditation becomes more restorative. As with most modalities, this process may take several readings or it may be achieved in one session. However, it is a most thrilling experience either way.

In 2013 Alicia became a “Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technician™” accredited by Dolores Cannon, the pioneer of what we call hypnosis today. "When the Subconscious is contacted during a QHHT® session, observable changes occur in the subject being hypnotized, the practitioner, and anyone in the room: a dramatic increase in the perceptible energy level causing feelings of joy and love. The primary concern of Dolores Cannon and every QHHT® Practitioner was and is to always ensure the well being of their subjects. Seeking the unlimited assistance of the Subconscious, which knows every aspect of a person’s being, whether they are conscious of them or not, can help any person in amazing and unexpected ways." excerpt from www.qhhtofficial.com

Alicia also received the “Oracle Reader Certification” from Doreen Virtue, the number one Angel Card Reader in the United States. Tap into your inner wisdom and your spiritual guidance system so that you can gain clarity, confidence, and answers that are in direct alignment with your highest good! Alicia helps to open your intuition and natural spiritual abilities to receive accurate information during your card readings

Become another satisfied client by calling now. Receive her true love and compassion to aid you in achieving your own spiritual success. Alicia is now accepting calls and is eager to help you with letting go.

Call, text, or email for Appointment: aliciaschimek@yahoo.com305-796-8078 and help yourself achieve true holistic healing.

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