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Through the use of hypnosis, Alicia takes her clients to their higher self (soul level), and helps them to obtain the necessary information to ease physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual issues. Alicia was trained and certified by Dolores Cannon, who was the pioneer of what we call hypnosis today. The client is taken to the somnambulist state which is the deepest state one can be in. The client is encouraged to bring a list of questions with them to the session. When the client is in this deep state of relaxation, the conscious mind and unconscious mind abates which allows the super consciousness to come forward. The super consciousness (soul) has all of the answers to previous lifetimes, as well as this lifetime.
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Many people suffer from phobias, complexes, physical ailments, and emotional issues which can be traced back to specific past lives. For example, a client who has a fear of heights, and has no idea why, discovered she was a seamstress who lived many years ago in Manhattan. The building in which she worked had a huge fire, and everyone was trapped inside. As a result, she jumped from a window and died. Another example is a client who hoarded food. They had a compulsion to keep at least six months of food in their home and could not figure out why this was happening and could not stop the compulsive act of hoarding. They discovered during the session that they had died in the Holocaust of starvation.

There are vows that people took in past lives that impact current lives today. The vow of silence is an example. One person found it almost impossible to speak to other people. They found it so challenging to use their voice. During a session, they discovered that they had taken the vow of silence in a past life. Another person was unable to earn a living no matter how hard they tried. They had huge issues with money. In a past life they had taken the vow of poverty.

Once someone discovers the reason behind their issues, they are able to let go of the issue and have closure which brings about the healing that is necessary for them to move forward in life in a healthy and prosperous manner.

The sessions last from 2 to 3 hours. The client is encouraged to bring a recording device with them as a large amount of information is obtained during a session. Appointments by phone or in person.

Fees: $280.00 for a session

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