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Alicia uses her ability to connect with the various realms, as well as other techniques, to help facilitate healing the emotional, physical, mental, psychological, intellectual and spiritual bodies. With the use of Reiki, Crystal singing bowls, crystals along with insightful channeling, a very powerful healing will sweep over you. You will feel extremely relaxed and at peace.

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Each session is unique and is customized to every individual's needs. Many people suffer from physical issues as a result of accidents and many suffer from stress, anxiety, insomnia, eating disorders, pain, grief and sadness. In every healing session, she creates a very nurturing enviornment which enables people with the opportunity to recognize and release their pain and discomfort. Alicia also scans a person's body - even at a distance - to find the root cause of pain or trauma which is impacting their life. When the physical body is scanned, information is obtained regarding their health - even such things as vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

The session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes by phone or in person.

Call, text, or email for Appointment: aliciaschimek@yahoo.com305-796-8078

$120.00 for a full session (60 minutes)
$60.00 for a half session (30 minutes)



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For Appointments Call (305) 796-8078 or
email alicia for a reading
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