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"I have known Alicia for over 3 years. I met her at 5 sisters where I was looking for guidance. I have seen a few different people while looking for help but have found that I enjoy her presence best. Alicia has been instrumental in guiding my choices and helping me in different ways. I highly recommend Alicia. She is a beautiful soul that is so deeply connected in so many different ways. This one is special." —Lauren S.

"This was my first reading and I was very anxious and a little skeptica, if you want me to be totally honest. Within the first sentence Alicia calmed my anxiety down and I was totally relaxed throughout the whole reading. I also walked away amazed because she was able to help me find some clarity on things I had some questions about. I was unsure of my path and this reading helped to make things much clearer for me! I can't wait to do it again! I felt so confident and empowered after our call. I would recommend Alicia to anyone because she is kind and very authentic!" —Mary H.

"Alicia is a gifted intuitive channel whose readings and healing sessions have brought in valuable guidance and clear messages. I have had the opportunity to experience Alicia's spiritual healing resources on a number of occasions and appreciate her commitment to being of service and uplifting others." —Jed S.

"I have had many readings from Alicia! Won't go elsewhere! Every one was fantastic, insightful, spot on@ I can't wait to see the latest reading unfold! It was a very positive, uplifting reading with all my questions answered, as well as amazing other information that I treasured! I highly recommend Alicia! She is one of the best readers I have ever had!" —Lindsay W.

"You happen to enter my life just at the right time last September 2019, when I was searching to take part in a QHHT session  by a Dolores Cannon trained hypnotist. I remember looking at the Dolores Cannon website and being drawn to your name. And that’s when our soulful relationship started and I’m so glad for that glorious day!!! I remember you telling me to call you before going forth with the QHHT session. With that call, I could already feel energetically and telepathically, that you were the real deal, no gimmicks, and not trying to cheat me in any way. You told me on that call that it would be better to do a soulful reading instead, because you were guided that way. And come to find out, after the first reading, that I wouldn’t have been able to do the QHHT session anyway, since I didn’t have any  past lives here on this planet. That just amazed me!!! On top of that, the reading was on point and I got God bumps throughout, as you advised I would; depicting that what you were saying was indeed the sole truth! From that moment on, I felt really connected to you and the trust was unexplainable from just having have met you, and I quickly asked you if you would  become a spiritual mentor for me, being a newbie to spirituality. And you said yes of course, at which I was so delighted and blessed to have that opportunity.

We all need guidance in this world. The divine led me to you, such a talented and multidimensional, omnipotent, and omnipresent being of light!!! You are the truth and nothing less!!

Our journey as a student and mentor continues on and I’m so happy and honored to have you by my side as I keep expanding and growing on my spiritual path! I keep referring you to all my friends and family as they ask or I deem is necessary for them to gain more clarity in their life, and they say such wonderful things from their sessions with you. The healing, guidance, accuracy and love they receive from you is immeasurable. They also end up referring you to their friends and family as well!!!

It’s easy to see why you are the true deal, and I highly recommend you to anybody looking for clarity, healing and guidance on their spiritual path and life in general. You are God sent and anybody who chooses to work with you will not be disappointed." —Ada Timar

"Alicia is all heart. Her readings are full of light, are profound and have a depth that reaches way down into the subconscious, releasing blockages and resistances - not only from this lifetime but past ilfetimes as well. Through her insightful and positive guidance, she highlights those issues that hinder growth and gives solutions on how to handle and overcome them. Amazing! I have had many readings through the years - some were spontaneous - and all were amazingly accurate. She also has an awesome sense of humor which makes her heartfelt energy even more endearing. Alicia is highly recommended by me, for sure!" —Sushila O.

"I have known Alicia for approximately 15 years. I have received several reading from Alicia over the years and have found her responses to accurate and delivered with love and insight. I think it is time for another session!" —J. Robert B.

"Alicia is absolutely amazing. She's such a sweet and pleasant spirit. I've been to her a handful of times and every time I go to her she's always spot on with the things that are going on in my life. She has made such a major impact in my life. I'm so blessed to have met her. I recommend her to anyone that needs clarity in their life." —Melvette F

"I have to say that when I first came to you, I was in the dark. I was lost and confused, needing answers and confirmation. It was heart warming to hear from you that my grandmother and brother are always with me. You’ve explained things and helped me see aspects of my life in a different manner. I am grateful for your gift and I’m truly grateful for the light you’ve brought to my life. You are truly Angelic. Thank you for the readings and thank you for clarifying the questions I’ve had days after the reading as well. It shows that your actions come from the heart!" —Vicky P

"I am forever grateful to know Alicia, she’s a blessing in my life. I was divinely guided to her for a reading just over three years ago. I was in an unhappy marriage and was considering leaving. I was desperate for guidance from my angels and spirit guides. She gave me several readings and spiritual healings during this time.

Alicia gives you accurate information from your guides. She’s compassionate, supportive and gives you so much more than what you usually get in spiritual readings. I trust her with what she receives and her main concern is for your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

When Alicia is on your team, you’ll have accurate spiritual guidance and support from divine energies. I highly recommend her." —Simone A

"A true gem. I had the pleasure to meet Alicia for the first time in 2018. I first approached Alicia for guidance during a period of massive upheaval in my life. She was kind, compassionate and has a great sense of humor, and instantly put me at ease.  During my session with Alicia, she shed so much light to who I truly was and provided so much great insight and advice into my life. One of the most important factors is she didn’t sugarcoat things and tell me what I wanted to hear.  Instead, she told me what I needed to hear. Her counsel helped me tremendously and I was able to change many of the things in my life, for the better. Alicia has a wonderful spiritual gift and she uses it to aid hers client in the best possible way.  She is honest, trustworthy and ethical in her approach, and that is really hard to find in her field. She provides insight and information to her clients so that they can make changes for themselves of their own free will. This is the reason why I returned for her counsel and insight again in 2020. Her goal is not only to provide you with answers but to most importantly heal you in the process. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Alicia for guiding me to tap into my own power and bring enlightenment into my journey. I consider you a true gem." —Diana 




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