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chanelled readings with Alici Schimek

A soulful reading is beneficial for people who are looking for their life purpose, as well as questions related to relationships, financial issues, physical issues and career choices. Alicia uses Oracle Cards and her ability to connect to the various realms in order to bring in the information that they are looking for. A term that is commonly used in the spiritual community is Akashic Records, which are the records of the soul's experiences. Many people have issues with their physical health and are seeking answers as to how to rid themselves of chronic ailments as well as seeking clarity in order to move forward in life with a peaceful and fulfilled manner. The session lasts from 60 to 90 minutes.

Alicia encourages each client to go within and bring questions that are most important to them. Even though they do not share the questions with her, she uses her abilities to retrieve the answers from the various realms. The client is encouraged to record their session via a cd or tape recorder due to the large amount of information that comes through. Each session is unique in nature and customized to your specific needs.

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Each client will receive exactly what is needed in oder for them to have peace of mind, as well as an understanding of what is causing their physical and emotional issues.

Alicia is certified by Doreen Virtue and has many years of experience.

Call, text, or email for Appointment: aliciaschimek@yahoo.com305-796-8078

$120.00 for a full session (60 minutes)
$60.00 for a half session (30 minutes)
$30.00 for a 15 minute session

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For Appointments Call (305) 796-8078 or
email alicia for a reading
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